GERES Group Insolvency & Norbert Wiemann, Frankfurt / Germany

Welcome to GERES Group Germany, Director Norbert Wiemann

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Dipl.-Kfm. Norbert Wiemann is the manager and owner of the GERES Group, which partly went into insolvency in 2014. Mr Wiemann is said to have come in conflict with law in both Germany and the USA, where at some point the FBI has investigated what could be seen as investor fraud.

There are lot of websites and newspaper reports dealing with Mr Wiemanns shady business practices. Sadly next to all of them are only available in German language. We plan to provide translations of that content here on this website at a later stage.

Mr Wiemann is known to sue everybody criticizing him. In germany, a lot of content about him has been scrubbed from the Google index by his litigators, which makes it hard to find, especially when it comes to wars he had with his shareholders in a company he was invested in. One piece about that we still could find: GERES-Group and CASSI LLC. The website they are referring to however appears to be down for years already, which is a shame as this sounds really interesting.

But if you are able to read german, here are a couple of pages worth your interest:

On this site, for now you can find some text about the GERES Group organisation and the GERES CEO Norbert Wiemann. Both texts have been translated using automatic translation software, therefore the quality sadly is very bad.